8th International Conference on Palliative Care& Pain Management

8th International Conference on Palliative Care& Pain Management

IUG School of Medicine has launched the activities of the 8th international conference, entitled “Palliative Care& Pain Management in Palestine” in 25th Oct. 2019 at the Big Conference Hall to underpin the culture of palliative care in Gaza in light of foreign experiences.

Chairman of the conference Prof. Fadel Naiem declared at the exhibition followed to the conference that this conference calls deep on the physicians, nurses, psychiatric and mental health specialists, social service therapists, preachers, oncologists, nephrologists, researchers, administrators, pharmacists and companies to work hand in hand to improve the quality of life for patients through providing palliative care services that being introduced to the chronic-diseases patients in hospitals.

The aim of the Palliative Care is adding life to days, not days to life, he added.   

The palliative care is an ancient craft in the world, yet the way of looking at it has been developed since 2010. It starts with the patient from the early stages of pain and lasts to the end-stage; aiming to alleviate the psychological burdens of patients and their families.

On this regard prof. Khamis Essi, the conference’s general coordinator, reported that the palliative care does not only benefit the chronic-diseases patients at the last stage, but also helps alleviate some accompanying symptoms such as weakness, depression, breathlessness, constipation, mental impairment and nausea.

Prof. Moira, Consultant form University of Edenborough, asserted that her participation comes with a load of experience from Scotland, precisely Uganda, where she is working, mentioning that Palliative Care stands for dignity, humanity, and kindness.

Different international participations took place at the first day of the conference, which distributed into two sessions:

First Session

Dr. Johan Reader from the University of Oslo, Norway, discussed the new strategies in pain therapy, the risk factors of post-traumatic pain, and the clinic for chronic pain victims in Shifa Hospital in Gaza. While, Dr. David McRay from USA elaborated about the transitioning from Primary Care to Hospice Medicine. He recommended names for relevant books such as A physician’s guide, the four things that matter most, Book of Extreme Measures).

from the University of Leeds, Dr. Mathew Allsop gave a lecture about the symptoms burden and quality of life for patients with cancer accessing outpatient care in Gaza. The title of Dr. Douglass Brown’s lecture, from Washington University, was on keeping Sense in Care at Life’s End, in which he stressed on how to build confidence in medicine with patient and family. In addition, he elaborated about the ethics and the surrounded conditions that must be taken into consideration while dealing with patients.

Second session

Dr. Elizabeath Namukwaya, from Makerere University, mentioned the Palliative care initiatives; developing an undergraduate training curriculum in Islamic University of Gaza. “Acute Pain Control from Trauma Patients: ICRC Experience” was given by Dr. Sonoko Prefectural, from the University of Medicine Japan.

From the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Mhoira Leng explained the palliative care situational analysis in a south Sudanese refugee setting in adjumani district, Uganda using a participatory rapid system appraisal. “Children’s Understanding of illness, Death and dying in Uganda” was given by Alice Gray from Kings College, UK.

It’s worth noting that this conference comes with participation of 12 international professors from Japan, Norway, America, United Kingdom, and Uganda; under the auspices of WHO, UNRWA, QRC, PCRF.