Conclusion of the conference "Managing crises and health disasters in the Gaza Strip" at the Islamic University

  • 11/12/2017
The participants in the 7th Scientific Conference on "Managing Crisis and Health Disasters in the Gaza Strip", organized by the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University under the patronage of Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah, recommended working on the development of the unified national response plan in case of emergency. Human and financial resources available, improving the status quo between civil society institutions, the Ministry of Health and local non-governmental institutions, adopting a professional ethical approach to disaster management to increase the effectiveness of service delivery,

The Conference called for the use of up-to-date and reliable information to make a sound decision based on need rather than desire, and stressed the need to continue to provide capacity building programs for future generations and to provide equipped shelters to be available to all regions. The Conference stressed the need to document cases of white phosphorus banned from use The conference called for the need to begin comprehensive training in waste management in disasters, crises and emergencies. The Conference called for the use of advanced training tools such as virtual reality training in disaster situations.