A Medical Jordanian Delegation Visits Medicine Faculty, at IUG

A Medical Jordanian Delegation Visits Medicine Faculty, at IUG


A medical Jordanian delegation visited Islamic University of Gaza from the third lifeline convoy including Dr. Jihad Ajloni, Orthopedic Surgeon Consultant, and Dr. Ammar Dawood, Jordanian Committee for Support of Health Sector in Gaza.


Dr. Kamalain K. Sha’ath, IUG President, and Dr. Mufeed Al-Mukhalalti, Faculty of Medicine Dean, received the delegation.

Dr. Sha’ath praised the great emotion and passion of the delegation to support the Palestinian people in health sector adding that the university made its best to conserve the continuity of development in light of the difficult economic conditions faced the Palestinian people, which will definitely develop the educational process.

Dr. Al-Mukhalalati talked about the establishment of the Medicine Faculty and its progress as well as importance in the community’s progress adding that the faculty is keen to meet the needs of the community in the sector of health.

Dr. Al-Mukhalalati referred to the university plan to establish a university hospital to offer a unique service the field of medicine.

From his part, Dr. Dawood briefed the objectives of the Jordanian Committee like supporting the health sector in Gaza; providing urgent medical and nursing necessities; training and rehabilitating the medical local cadres, as well as assistance to improve and develop performance of medical, nursing and technical training; and establishing an information data about the health situation in Gaza that will guide the Committee to conduct planning and implementation.