Chairpersons: Dr. Khamis Elessi, Dr. Yousef Mousa



Management of The UNRWA Shelters and The Role of International Law Protection in Gaza Strip During 2014 War on Gaza (Protective Edge)

Dima Alborai


Impacts of white phosphorus on Palestinian health and environment

Rawand Masoud

Crisis Facing International Organizations Re-Constructing The Gaza Strip

Asem Migdad

'General Approaches of The ICRC to Answer to Acute Health Needs Related to War or Conflict'

Christine Bartulec

Chairperson: Dr. Zeyad Abu Heen



Managing The Water Crisis In The Gaza Strip

Palestinian Water Authority

Palestine is Moving Towards Building a National Disaster and Crisis Management System

Heba Albasha

Coastal Municipalities Water Utility (CMWU) Management During Crisis

Ashraf Ghneim

" Making Hospitals More Resilient"

Mohmad Amirrol

Utilization of Virtual Reality Technology in Emergency Management and Disaster Response Training


Emergency Management Set-Backs in Gaza

Azzam Abu Habib

Chairperson: Dr. Samir Qouta



Effects of Structured Group Psychosocial Support(Pss) Sessions on Pss Welbeing and Pss Knowledge of Adult Female Caregiver(Women)

Jasem Humeid

Emotion Regulation Protects Children's Mental Health From War Trauma

Marwan Diab

The Impact of Social Media on Crisis & Disaster Management in Gaza Strip As High Densely Populated Area

Said Abu Aita

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme Emergency Response Plan – Crisis Intervention 2014/2015

Yasser Abu Jamei

Chairperson:Dr. Mohammed Alatte



Closure of Abu Yusif al-Najjar hospital by the Israeli army order

Raed habib

Evaluation Of The Principles Of Disaster Management Ambulance In The Gaza Strip During The 2014 War

Mohammed Elmougher

Crisis Management In The Ministry Of Health During The 2008 War - Case Study

Mohamed Al Kashif

The Shortage Of Medicines And Medical Consumables In The Ministry Of Health Under The Siege

Muneer Alboursh

The Role Of The Palestinian Civil Defense In Managing The Crisis During The Israeli Aggression On The Gaza Strip In 2014

Abdallah Sadeq

Coordination With International Organization And Its Role In Support Of Public Health Sector In Gaza Strip In Situations Of Emergency And Crisis

Taghreed Elghouti