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An academic from Faculty of Medicine wins an international prize in medicine from Oxford university

  • 04/26/2017

Dr.Khamis Elessi, an academic from the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University-Gaza and Head of the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) unit, won an international prize in medicine for his role in spreading and promoting the culture of "Evidence-Based Medicine" (EBM).

The University of Oxford official website stated that Dr.Elessi was the first

among three academics who have won the award of community engagement & Academic Excellence from "Kellogg College" at the University,  Oxford reviewed that the award was granted to Dr.Elessi in recognition of his efforts of spreading the culture of EBM in Gaza Strip, under the harsh conditions and very limited possibilities under siege.

According to Oxford University website, the award is given to contestants who demonstrate a commitment to community involvement and academic excellence; in particular the dissemination of research in schools and exhibitions, grant applications and the use of social media.

Dr.Elessi has won this award for his tireless efforts to involve society more broadly with EBM fundamentals & Practice.

Oxford University considered this unique initiative as an inspiring achievement, considering the environment under which the work was carried out which included the siege plus the difficult situation. The University added, since 2009 the concepts of EBM culture has been reinforced by Dr.Elessi.

Dr. El-Essi said that the award was enthroning of his great efforts to promote the culture of evidence- based medicine in Gaza Strip. He said that the University of Oxford has provided him by the means for the success and dissemination of culture of medicine in which based on unique evidence.