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Hayat center at faculty of medicine-IUG conducts a health maneuver about" how to save a person's life in one minute" at university of Palestine

  • 03/18/2017

Training Center for Emergency & Crisis Management – Hayat in cooperation with  Juzoor foundation for health and society development " , held a public awareness maneuver about saving a person's life in just a minute ; as a part of the worldwide campaign announced by the American Heart Association (save lives). 

The ceremony  of was attended by Dr . Basem Naim –director of Hayat center -,Dr: Jamal Naim –the dean of faculty of dentistry in Palestine university – and Dr Shereen Abed –the head of training team in Juzoor foundation , in addition to the administrative staff of the University of Palestine .

The performance was targeted the students and the staff of the Palestine university. And they were trained on saving a life during syncope attack , and also how to deal with people in emergencies to save their lives as much as possible.