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Faculty of medicine organizes the 2nd Pre-LPHA Conference Presentation workshop.

  • 03/14/2017

Avery productive and fruitful meeting which was organized by the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Unit at Faculty of medicine for all clinicians and candidates going to the LPHA conference in Ramallah in March 2017.  it was an Excellent opportunity for presenters to test their presentations and posters readiness and get some very helpful and detailed feedback with many suggestions for improvements.

It was especially helpful to have Sir Iain Chalmers and Huda Julie Webb-Pullman alongside Dr Khamis Elessi, the head of EBM unit and Dr Bettina Bӧttcher who gave comprehensive feedback with great attention to detail on each of the presented works.

After presentations. Sir Iain Gave an interesting talk entitled " Waste of in the world" which was so enlightening and challenging.

 And gave many thoughts and guidance on future projects. The unit will continue to organize such research and EBM activities in the future.

EBM Unit- IUG- Gaza



The presented works included:

Oral Presentations:

Management of Ischaemic Stroke at Al-Shifa Hospital. Amir Abukaresh

Management of Community Acquired Pneumonia: A Clinical Audit.  Said Alyacoubi

Posters Presentations:

Management of First Trimester Loss. Rami Musallam

An Age Old Problem: Pain Management in Labour: Tayseer Hassan and Reem Dabbour

Management of Patients Presenting with Exacerbation of COPD: A Clinical Audit at Nasser Hospital.  Maha ElFaqawi and Yousef Abuowda

Management of Ischaemic Stroke at Nasser Hospital.  Mohammed Al-Khateeb and Tamer Abulghafour

Management of Breast Cancer: Eslam Ali

Physical & Psychological Impact of Breast Reconstruction following Breast Cancer: Enas Alaloul and Mohammed El-Shami